Starry Nights Await You

North America’s First Tentsile Experience Camp

A PhoenixEdge North Development  


Natural Edge Ecopark

The Natural Edge EcoPark provides you with a unique camping experience on the waterfront of the Township of Nipigon. You can consider us a hub for the many adventures available to you in the region, whether its a grand adventure on Lake Superior, a hike along the mountainous coastline or an extreme river paddling adventure.

We welcome you to start and end your fabulous journey here with us at North America’s 1st Tentsile Experience Camp!

Tentsile Tree Tent

It’s like a hammock and a tent had a baby.
You get the best of both.


Enjoy the outdoors & nature at
Natural Edge Ecopark.


From Fishing to Rock & Ice Climbing.
We have it all!

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Cross the 49th parallel to
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