Partners & Activities

La Luna Café & Bakery is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Nipigon and is owned and ran by food connoisseurs Caitlin Brown and Daniel Howells. Our vision is to inspire community gatherings with wholesome, delicious food and beverages, as well as provide a welcoming space for the sharing of stories, culture, and traditions.



Superior Country is a destination marketing not for profit organization that operates out of Nipigon Ontario. Formerly known as North of Superior Tourism association we are responsible for marketing and promoting the communities, businesses and organizations along the North-shore of Lake Superior from Wawa to Dryden as well as North through Greenstone and Armstrong.

Outdoor Skills and Thrills

Partners & Activities

At Outdoor Skills and Thrills we strive to help grow a larger community of climbers and adventure seekers who are safe, skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate to share their love for the outdoors with others. Live your life to the fullest!”

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, big or small, young or old, the Outdoor Skills And Thrills team is always committed to providing a fun and challenging environment to anybody and everybody! You will always be guided by our certified & insured, professional, friendly and passionate guides through an exciting and enjoyable experience in the best rock and ice climbing areas around Thunder Bay.


Leave No Trace Canada is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our wildlands.


Whether you are looking for a relaxing spot to spend your next family vacation, a new river to paddle or trail to conquer, your new favourite fishing hole, or planning for your next hunting expedition, we have everything you will need to make your plans a reality in Northwestern Ontario’s beautiful natural landscape.

Escape to the North at Wild Goose Lake Resort.

Please visit our website at www.wildgooselake.com for more information. If you have any questions, or would like to check availability, please call or email!

Partners & Activities

At Tentsile, we create some of the world’s most versatile tents. All our tree tents are made to be suspended over the ground, but in dry conditions can also be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent.
Whether you are looking for an all-terrain camping solution, a safari safe house, a mountain or beach retreat, or a portable treehouse that avoids all planning restrictions, with the Tentsile tree tent the sky really is the only limit.


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Nipigon River Recreation Trail

The Nipigon River Recreation Trail provides fantastic views of Nipigon Bay.  It connects the Nipigon and Red Rock Marinas and is the most western section of the  Voyageur Hiking Trail.  If you are going to hike the whole trail round-trip, it is easier to start at the Red Rock end.

The rocky hills and ridges provide great views of Lake Superior.  The highest point is near the  Red Rock end of the trail.  Use caution near cliff edges there are no barriers or signs.  The trail is broken into seven sections that range from easy to difficult, making shorter hikes possible.


Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

There’s a reason Lake Superior has been referred to as an inland ocean and you’ll discover that for yourself when you visit this immensely beautiful Great Lake. Called gichigamiing or “The Big Lake” by the Anishinaabe people of the region and known for its furious storms, the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area will soon be recognized as one of the largest protected areas of fresh water in the world.


Rock and Ice Climbing

The climbing enthusiast Orient Bay has been recognized for its dozens of mixed routes.

Local climbing guide company Outdoor Skills and Thrills strives to help grow a larger community of climbers and adventure seekers who are safe, skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate to share their love for the outdoors with others. Live your life to the fullest!

Local Diving

The Superior Chapter of Save Ontario Shipwrecks works with divers in the North of Superior Region to promote safe scuba diving and exploring the underwater world.

The club’s mandate follow the goals of the SOS with a focus on promoting scuba diving in the North of Superior Region through:

  • Safe Diving practices
  • Tourism Development
  • Preservation and enjoyment of shipwrecks and the underwater environment


The Nipigon River is known far and wide for its world class Brook trout fishing, the place Dr. JW Cook pulled out his 14lb 8oz world record. The river is also home to Rainbows Pickerel and Lakers in the spring, or Salmon Pike and Whitefish in the fall. Catch monsters anytime of year.



Many Trails for beginners to expert hikers right on site is the Nipigon River Recreation Trail and the Loop trail, or close by there is the Deer Lake Mountain Hiking Trail and the Mazukama Falls Hiking Trail go for a day hike or see us about renting one of our Tree Tents and making it an even more memorable experience!

Close By


Red Rock Marina Interpretive Centre

Go check out the 9 amazing exhibits that focus on the history of the area.


Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park

A must see! Take the trail and boardwalk to cross the 150 meter canyon and see the beautiful panoramic views.

What you’ll get to experience!

  • Sheer cliffs that drop 100 meters straight down to the canyon floor
  • A trail and boardwalk connects two lookout platforms with spectacular views of the canyon
  • Arctic plants, usually found 1,000 kilometers north, survive in the unique environment at the bottom of the canyon
  • Operated in partnership with the Friends of Ouimet Canyon

Eagle Canyon Adventures

Go and walk across Canada’s longest suspension bridge while admiring the breath taking views, or for the adventurer take Canada’s fastest zip line across either way you wont be disappointed.


Hurkett Cove Conservation Area

One of the best & most renowned birding sites in Ontario
Hurkett Cove Conservation Area, located on Black Bay in the Township of Dorion, is a naturalist’s paradise. The area is excellent for botanizing, picnicking and photography. A pavilion with picnic tables and displays are located on-site.

Some of the bird species that have been observed at Hurkett Cove Conservation Area include the Horned lark, Common Goldeneye, Short-eared owl, Common Loon, Bald Eagle, Blue Jay, Gray Jay, Cedar Waxwing and many others.